Low Capacitance ESD Protection For High-speed Interfaces

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The ongoing trend towards chipset miniaturization and higher data rates has made them increasingly sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD) strikes. As high-speed interfaces tolerate very little additional capacitance on the line, Bourns has launched a new TVS diodes series featuring low capacitance of 3 pF (picofarads) making them ideal protection devices for the high-speed interfaces found in today’s automotive, communication line and industrial applications.

Extend run-times of IoT sensors & vehicle sub-systems

The new CDSOD323-TxxC-DSLQ TVS diodes offer a low TVS diode leakage current of 1 nA (nanoampere). This is important as IoT sensors, vehicle sub-systems such as entertainment and comfort equipment have limited run-time determined by the battery. Using low leakage protection devices has the benefit of helping to improve power efficiency and extend run-times.

Improve reliability and increase application robustness To ESD

The new TVS diodes provide ±30 kV contact discharge ESD protection per IEC 61000-4-2 and surge protection per IEC 61000-4-5. These features are designed to improve the reliability and increase application robustness against damage from ESD and other transient voltage events.

Product availability


The new TVS diodes from Bourns are available in a SOD323 package with bidirectional TVS offering superior protection, especially for communication lines.

The series includes two new AEC-Q101 compliant surge protection models: Model CDSOD323-T12C-DSLQ and Model CDSOD323-T24C-DSLQ. Both models are available now, are RoHS compliant and halogen-free.

Click here for more detailed product information.

Read the Press release.


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