Cryptomanager Inside Embedded Core to Enhance Security


Cryptomanager root of trust has been embedded inside the core of chips to tighten the security and prevent future hardware vulnerabilities

Cryptomanager root of trust is a fully programmable hardware security core built with a custom RISC-V CPU. It is especially designed for applications from networking to automotive to IoT and also empowered the primary processor for high performance.

The semiconductor industry faced biggest security issues this year with recent vulnerabilities and additional security threats keep on increasing as more IoT devices will remain entering.


Therefore, the architectural idea used is to isolate the security from general processing and make it unique by implementing it with high level of layers to boost protection. To meet these demands hardware keys are inserted that enable IoT service providers to manage IoT endpoints.

Giving security a front seat after fixing a secure core

Rambus security develops the secure computer processors. The CryptoManager Root of Trust secure processor is siloed from the main processor, supporting isolated cryptographic security processes. It is designed in a way so that it can improve the security system in connected cars, factory sensors and other IoT devices.

Key benefits of the CryptoManager Root of Trust include

The CryptoManager core contains dedicated memory for storing files and a fully programmable computer processor based on the RISC-V architecture to accelerate cryptographic algorithms. It also supports security functions like run time integrity checking, remote authentication and attestation, secure boot and other defense mechanisms.


Benefits of Cryptomanager Root of Trust

Other benefits include design freedom which provides users a safe and simpler access to device without compromising security. Then comes the layered security where a small ultra-secure nucleus builds outwards to less secure sections. Further these less secure sections can access high level of security with hardware based permission.

PoR Regulators For Safe Device Operations

The vision to built  CryptoManager Root of Trust is to attenuate vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre.




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