Audi A8 Taps Innovative OLEDs For Rear Lights


Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are the next-generation lighting technology in cars. Few fascinating qualities of OLEDs are that they take up less space due to their thin size and consume even less energy than LED lighting. Also, the innovative technology emits an extremely homogeneous light that is easy to see without reflectors.

Automotive manufacturer Audi has therefore recently integrated OLED technology from HELLA into the rear combination lamps of the new Audi A8.

OLED Rear Lights In Audi A8 Enable Various “coming home” And “leaving home” Scenarios

Four upright OLEDs of less than one-millimeter width are hovering in each unit. They are subdivided into four individually controllable segments — two for the angular tail light and two for the luxury sedan’s stop light.


The rear combination lamps in the new Audi A8 consist of three parts and expand across the entire vehicle rear. A total of eight OLEDs are used. Each is subdivided into four segments that are individually controllable, thus enabling different “coming home” and “leaving home” scenarios.

The two upper segments furthermore support the stop light while the lower ones complement the tail light, which is realized above the OLEDs as a lighting strip using LEDs. The combination of LED and OLED light sources creates the vehicle’s unique look.

“The appearance of headlamps and rear lamps has become one of the main visual distinguishing features of car manufacturers as the “light signature”. Especially homogenous lighting functions are of increasing importance here”, the company said in the announcement.

The OLEDs consist of organic semiconductor layers that can be distributed across a carrier material. Two electrodes will then cause the layers to illuminate evenly. For a homogenous appearance, the technology can, therefore, do away with reflectors, light guides or additional optics. “The OLEDs furthermore allow for completely new design possibilities”, says Dr. Michael Kleinkes, Head of Lighting Technology Development at HELLA.

Hella invented new connection technologies for integrating OLED technology into the rear combination lamp. For this, developers are using a special adhesive system ensuring the safe fixation of the OLEDs on the one hand while also not limiting the design.

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