Compact, Rugged Relay Offers 35A/28Vdc Resistive Load Rating


Many military and aerospace applications need high performance relays to operate in extremely rigorous environments of shock, vibration, temperature, altitude.

TE Connectivity has launched the new CII FC-335 series relay to offer a rugged means of power switching in a range of aerospace, defense and marine applications. The relay is designed to manage harsh inductive, motor and lamp loads.

Key benefits offered by the new relays: 

  • 35 Amp / 28 Vdc resistive rating: The new relays are built to handle higher capacity loads than most comparable mid-range relays on the market. Similar products on the market are rated at 25 Amps.
  • Compact/Lightweight: 1.5 inch cube size and .5 lbs max (227 Grams max) weight
  • Double make contacts: The relays are designed with double make contacts that share the load across two contact sets, which helps minimize wear and tear, prolong relay life and provide more stable performance.
  • The main contacts are also suitable for use in 360-800 Hz variable frequency applications required by newer commercial and military aircraft.
  • The relays are built in accordance with MIL-PRF-6106 to ensure they meet rigorous military standards for use in power distribution, fuel pumps, etc.

Applications of the relay include:

• Launch Systems
• Power Distribution
• Fuel Pumps
• Guidance and Navigation Systems
• Aircraft Galley/Cabin Equipment
• Weapon Systems
• Ground Support Equipment


These versatile relays are available in solder hook or terminal block configurations as well as 28 VDC and 115 VAC coils configurations.

Click here to view the Press release.


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