Consumer Hard Drives With Improved Capacity & Performance

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As data storage requirements continue to increase, many hard disk drive vendors are continuing to focus on increasing capacity and performance while also keeping price factor in mind.

To meet the demands of today’s consumer storage applications, Toshiba has expanded its internal Hard Drive offering with improved capacity and performance specifications. The products are suitable for every application from PC, gaming, NAS and also surveillance and video streaming.

The six new series of internal hard drives for the consumer market include: P300 Desktop PC Hard Drives, L200 Laptop PC Hard Drives, X300 Performance Hard Drives, N300 NAS Hard Drives, V300 Video Streaming Hard Drives, and S300 Surveillance Hard Drives.

PC Hard Drives


The P300 Desktop PC Hard Drive series offers high-performance ideal for home and business users and is available with up to 3TB of storage capacity. They operate at 7,200rpm and have built-in shock sensors that detect impacts and reduce vibration during read and write operations, improving tracking accuracy and performance, said Toshiba.

Laptop Hard Drives 

The L200 Laptop PC Hard Drive series delivers up to 2TB capacity in 2.5-inch mobile drives and is said to deliver better shock and vibration resistance than 3.5-inch hard drives and works with every major brand of a laptop computer. They are also suited for use as external storage. The L200 line-up has a lower power profile than 3.5-inch hard drives, to help optimize the device’s battery life.

Hard Drives For Gaming & Creative Applications

The X300 Performance Hard Drive series is designed to deliver extreme performance and robust capacity for creative and professional applications including graphic design, animation, photo and video editing, and PC gaming.

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The X300 offers up to 10TB capacity and optimize cache allocation during read/write to provide high-level real-time performance. Available in a 3.5-inch form factor, the drives operate at 7,200rpm and have a cache memory of up to 256MB.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Hard Drives

The N300 NAS Hard Drive series, for personal, home office and small business network attached storage (NAS) applications, is available in capacities of up to 10TB, and features 7,200rpm and a large 256MB data buffer in 10TB model.

Toshiba explained that the N300 is highly scalable, able to support up to eight drive bays in a multi-RAID NAS design, and can be configured in NAS by users as their data storage needs evolve. The drives are highly reliable, with a high workload rating of up to 180TB/year; they are optimized for the performance, reliability, endurance and scalability required of NAS environments in which large amounts of data need to be efficiently stored and accessed daily.

Video Streaming Hard Drives 

The V300 Video Streaming Hard Drive series is designed for reliable video recording and playback, and delivers quiet operation. The series’ design reduces energy consumption by up to 25%. Available in up to 3TB capacities, the series supports video editing systems, set-top-box (STB), digital video recorders (DVR) and network video recorders (NVR).

Surveillance Hard Drives 

The S300 Surveillance Hard Drive series is claimed to offer 24×7 reliability and high performance with a large cache size up to 256MB. S300 drives perform at up to 7,200rpm with a maximum data transfer speed of 248 MB/s, and integrate RV sensors to help suppress vibrations in multi hard drive platforms. Available in capacities of up to 10TB, the hard drives can handle high workloads of up to 180TB per year and support surveillance network video recorders (sNVR), surveillance digital video recorders (sDVR), hybrid sDVR (analog and IP) and RAID storage arrays for surveillance.

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Color Labeling Makes It Easier To Shop

In addition, Toshiba has introduced color branding for each category in the consumer internal hard drive line-up to make it easy for consumers to shop for the drive they need.

The new category colors will be displayed on the drive labels and retail shelf packaging to clearly communicate category of use and device application.

The color labeling for each hard drive is as follows: both P300 and L200 in a red desktop/laptop PC label; X300 in a silver performance label, N300 in a gold NAS label; S300 in a green surveillance label, and the V300 in a blue video streaming label.

General availability of the new drives will start this month.

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