New Micro And Round OLED Displays For Wearables & Handheld Devices


Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) are an exciting display technology that has been adopted in pretty much all devices like automotive displays, mobile phones, Personal digital assistants (PDAs), mp3 players, and digital cameras. Recently, there is a proliferation of “wearables” which seems to have opened up a new section in the OLED market. Many of electronic device makers are focusing on embedding OLEDs in wearable products such as fitness bands, wearable headsets, healthcare monitoring and textiles. OLED technology brings some distinct advantages such as thinner, lighter and more flexible displays and lesser power consumption, compared to other display technologies.

To address the popularity and demand of OLEDs across different industries, including hand-held, portable and wearable technology applications, display manufacturer and supplier Midas Displays has launched a new range of micro and round OLED displays in three different color mode options: Blue on Black, White on Black and Yellow on Black.

The company has made an array of formats and resolutions available including a 13.9×22.0x1.26mm Portrait mode with 48×64 pixels, two Landscape mode modules at 64×32 pixels (14.5×11.6×1.26mm) and 64×48 pixels (18.46×18.1×1.3mm) and a 36.98×41.23mmx2.05mm Circular mode format with 128×128 pixels.


The displays are claimed to offer excellent optical performance to ensure bright, clear and concise images with a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and a specified brightness rating of up to 180cd/m².

Viewing angles of 160° in both horizontal (left/right) and vertical (up/down) directions ensure the display image is easily visible from all viewing positions.

Half-brightness lifetime is specified as up to 50K hours (depending on color mode).

Virtual/Augmented Reality Headsets and Glasses Reference Design

The micro OLED modules come with I²C, 3/4 wire SPI and 8-bit 6800/8080-series Parallel data interfaces and support 3V logic operation.

The modules are fully compatible with the industry-standard SSD1306BZ graphics controller.

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