Evaluation Kit Speeds Design Of Blood Pressure Wearables

blood pressure monitor

The Internet Of Things (IoT) is expanding, including the demand for wearable healthcare monitoring devices such as blood pressure monitors.

Renesas is furthering the development of innovative ‘Blood Pressure Monitor’ applications with its new rapid prototyping kit that combines hardware and development tools to enable functions close to those used in actual blood pressure monitors, according to the firm.

This kit, based on RL78/H1D microcontroller, comprises the following hardware and software elements needed to jump start blood pressure measurement design:


A full range of hardware components, including a pressure sensor, arm cuff, pump, electronically controlled valve, LCD panel, and a reference board that incorporates the newly-developed RL78/H1D ASSP with the analog functions required for blood pressure measurement.

Reference software that provides the algorithms required for blood pressure measurement and that can be easily modified, as well as access to smartphone applications, and a graphical user interface (GUI) tool.

A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module, which enables the measured data to be transmitted to a smartphone under the Continua standard blood pressure monitoring (BPM) profile is also provided in the new evaluation kit.

Samples of the RL78/H1D ASSP are available now. Pricing varies depending on the memory capacity, package and number of pins. For example, the R5F11NMG 80-pin LQFP package type with 128 KB flash ROM capacity is priced at US$3.50.

The R5F11NMG includes an LCD controller for arm- and wrist-type blood pressure monitors, and a 4mm x 4 mm miniature ball grid array (BGA) package for use in wearable devices.

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