Compact Cartridge Fuses Save Space On Crowded Boards

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When designing high-wattage electrical equipment like EV offboard charging stations, UPS, inverters, and rectifiers, minimizing board space for circuit protection can be a real challenge. That’s why Littelfuse developed the 606 series high-current cartridge fuse for overcurrent protection in high-voltage power supply applications rated up to 23 kW.

The fuses are rated at 500VAC with current ratings from 40A to 63A and a 2,[email protected] interrupting rating.

With a 10mm x 32mm cartridge body, a single 606 fuse requires less board space than previous designs that used multiple lower current rated fuses in parallel. As a result, designers can reduce the amount of board space they reserve for protection components when designing high wattage equipment.


Apart from the compact footprint, the series offers following features and benefits:-

  • A wide tempreture range from -55˚C to 125˚C ensures reliable operation in extreme temperatures.
  • Its end-caps with integrated stand-off leads eliminate the cost of mounting accessories or lead-forming processes.
  • It’s claimed as the smallest available 500VAC-rated cartridge fuse series with current ratings from 40A to 63A and a 2,[email protected] interrupting rating.
  • Suitable for overcurrent protection in a single-phase power supply circuit rated up to 23kW.
  • The 606 Series fuse is RoHS compliant and 100% Lead (Pb) free.

Typical applications of the fuses include:-

  • Telecom Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs)
  • Power conversion equipment such as inverters and rectifiers
  • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)
  • Off-board charging posts
  • Motor protection in elevator systems.

The 606 Series High-current Cartridge Fuses are available in through-hole, 10mm x 32mm packages in trays in quantities of 500. Sample requests may be placed through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide.

Compact 500Vdc Fuses Optimized For EV Applications

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