Ultra-thin Supercapacitor Powers IoT & Wearables


A variety of products such as thin wearables and other IoT devices are required to operate for an extended amount of time and have a limited space for a battery. This raises the demand for small, inexpensive, energy-efficient power solutions. Batteries have been the preferred storage device for portable electronics, mainly because of their ability to store energy (high energy density). But batteries take a long time to discharge and recharge, which limits their ability to deliver power. Further, most IoT applications are wireless-enabled and batteries have trouble delivering the peak power during wireless transmissions. Supercapacitors offer a unique combination of high power & high energy, to tackle the power constraints of these batteries.

CAP-XX has developed what it claims as the industry’s first 3V super-thin supercapacitor for use in IoT and wearable devices.

CAP-XX provides 3V supercapacitors in thin, prismatic form factors, 0.9mm to 1.9mm thick: Z, 20mm x 15mm; A, 20mm x 18mm; W, 17.5mm x 28.5mm; S, 17.5mm x 39.5mm.


The new 3V thin, prismatic supercapacitor provides peak power support to 3V coin cell batteries and eliminates the need for 2.7V LDO regulator for less expensive, smaller, more energy-efficient designs with extended battery life.

The company plans to deploy its 3V technology first in thin prismatic form to meet the demand for small, inexpensive, energy-efficient power solutions for thin wearables, key FOBs and other IoT devices. CAP-XX will then integrate the 3V technology into its larger prismatic supercapacitors, automotive modules and other products for high-energy, high-power applications.

CAP-XX is initially targeting markets using 3V coin cell batteries, where popular batteries such as the CR2032 have reasonable energy (~220mAh) but have trouble delivering the peak power (~100mA) needed for data collection and transmission.

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CAP-XX says that it can handle those power bursts, and its new 3V supercapacitors can be placed directly across the battery without the intermediary LDO.

The new 3V supercapacitors eliminate the cost and inefficiencies of the low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator or buck converter often required to step the voltage down to work with the industry’s existing 2.7V-rated thin, prismatic supercapacitors.

To achieve the 3V, CAP-XX developed new materials and production techniques.

The company has successfully tested prototypes at 3V, 70°C meeting the IEC 62391 requirement for endurance.

CAP-XX has started production trials, with samples expected for customers by end of August 2018, and mass production in the first half of 2019.

Pricing will start at less than US$1 in large volumes. CAP-XX will become the only manufacturer to provide a 3V supercapacitor in a thin, prismatic form factor.

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