10g IMU Brings Precise Navigation For Autonomous Systems


Inertial measurement units (IMU) are extremely important tools for navigation and control in many applications. For instance, an autonomous underwater vehicle or a robot in a factory may need to be informed about how they are moving relative to their surroundings, even where GPS signals are not present to fill the moments of disconnect. Apart from reliable, high-accuracy positioning, these IMUs should help keep these applications operating no matter how challenging the conditions such as in magnetic interference or harsh environments.

To suit such applications, Seiko Epson Corporation has launched two new high-performance Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG)-based six-axis IMUs, the M-G370 and M-G365, in a lightweight (10g) 24x24x10mm package.

Applications include autonomous precision agriculture machinery, intelligent construction machinery, industrial drones, ground, and subsea vehicles.


The company touted that the M-G370 offers Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) class performance while the M-G365 will be the standard for the Epson’s next-generation IMU.

Key benefits of the IMUs include

  • Higher stability and lower noise in a wide dynamic range.
  • High-precision measurement, from static states to high-speed motion.
  • Backward compatibility with the earlier M-G364 and M-G354, sharply reducing customer development costs and making it easy to upgrade performance.
  • Low current consumption (16 mA, compared to 18 mA for the previous M-G364 and M-G354).


  • FOG-class performance in a 1-inch package.
  • Excellent position measurement accuracy for autonomous and unmanned applications.
  • It features a newly-developed gyroscopic sensor providing sharply improved in-run bias instability4 (0.8°/hr), angular random walk, and noise performance.
  • It features a newly-developed accelerometer providing dramatically improved in-run bias instability performance of 6 uG (compared to 50 uG for the M-G364) and initial bias error of 2 mg (1σ).
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The standard for the next generation, this IMU has a new attitude angle output function and supports a wide variety of applications.

  • This IMU uses an original high-speed DSP with an extended Kalman filter to provide highly accurate real-time attitude angle output (Roll/Pitch/Yaw) at low power consumption.
  • Eliminates the need for high-speed calculation of dynamic attitude angle on the system end, thus reducing system load and power consumption.

The company has recently commenced shipping samples of two new. Both models are scheduled for volume production at the end of 2018.

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