Connect Tiny IoT Devices To LTE-M, Cat-1 With 400mm2 Modules


A variety of IoT applications including wearables, telematics, and healthcare require low weight, low power, and reduced footprint. Telit is supporting IoT integrators and providers to immediately develop and test innovative devices leveraging its tiny, low-power cellular modules in 400mm2 LGA form factor that are now certified for operation on AT&T’s LTE nationwide network for data-only applications.

The xE866 (15x25mm) variants drop-in and replace 2G and 3G versions in existing devices or connect an array of new devices made possible by lower power and better range than traditional LTE.

The certified modules include ME866A1-NA LTE-M and LE866A1-NA Cat.


Telit noted that the AT&T’s LTE Cat 1, LTE-M nationwide network offers reliability and coverage for data-only applications.

“With new application areas like wearables, fitness and mhealth monitoring, connected law enforcement body cameras, drones, robotics and smart home, low weight, low power and reduced footprint are essential. The xE866 family remains the industry’s smallest form factor to offer 2G, 3G, Cat 1, LTE-M and NB-IoT variants for integrators to innovate in these areas,” said Yossi Moscovitz, Telit President of Products and Solutions. “Telit modules like these two are designed from the ground up to meet industrial grade quality and performance requirements. Most IoT applications are unforgiving on field failures. We are proud that our brand has stood for quality and low risk for our customers for 20 years and will remain that way even as low-cost, high-risk commodity brands continue entering the market.”


With download speeds of up to 10Mbps and full cellular mobility, the LE866A1-NA is ideal for telematics, security, surveillance, smart city and other application areas requiring small dimensions, low power consumption, and mid-scale data rates.

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The ME866A1-NA delivering high in-building penetration, low power consumption and download speeds of up to 375kbps is ideal for applications in deep indoor environments and others like metering, smart cities, sensors, health monitors, home automation, asset tracking, telematics, and wearables.

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