Easily Create Your Custom RF Cable Assembly

New RF Cable Assembly Designer Unveiled!

RF Cable Assembly

Design engineers working with high-performance RF cable assemblies want to design the perfect assembly with careful consideration of key attributes: such as cost, weight, size, electrical performance, etc. Fairwave Microwave has launched a new online RF cable designer tool to help engineers to easily construct custom cable assemblies that address their specific application requirements from a multitude of connectors and coaxial cable types offered by the company.

The new RF Cable Designer can also be used to locate any of Fairview Microwave’s existing cable assemblies.

“Our new RF Cable Designer tool greatly decreases the time it now takes for our customers to receive custom coax cable assemblies. By allowing our customers to create and order custom cables online, they can meet their project deadlines and commitments to their customers. This new tool eliminates the need to send an RFQ and then wait for a delivery and pricing response,” said Steve Ellis, Interconnect Product Manager.


All cable assemblies created with the new tool include single heat shrink by default at no extra cost and they are typically built and shipped the same day as ordered to address the urgent needs of Fairview Microwave’s customers, according to the announcement.

More information on the new RF Cable Designer: https://www.fairviewmicrowave.com/t-rf-cable-designer.aspx.


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