High-current Photorelays Outperform Mechanical Relays In Factory Automation


Photorelays are semiconductor relays that perform a similar function to electromechanical relays but they do not have any moving components, increasing long-term reliability. For designers who want to improve reliability and leverage the benefits of solid-state technology advancements, Toshiba has launched five new high-current photo relays in DIP4 and DIP6 packages. In addition, Toshiba says that lesser space will now be required for relays and relay drivers helping designers to save board space.

The new photo relays can replace 1-Form-A mechanical relays in various DC and AC applications, such as factory automation and other industrial uses including industrial equipment, building automation, HVAC, semiconductor testing, ATE, and security.

Incorporating MOSFETs fabricated with the latest U-MOS VIII process, there are a total of five new photorelays (TLP3543A, TLP3545A, TLP3546A, TLP3556A, and TLP3558A).


Together they offer multiple options, with an off-state output terminal voltage (VOFF) ranging from 30V to 200V and a steady on-state current (ION) from 0.7A to 5.0A – which is claimed the industry’s highest rating in a DIP6 package.

For efficient operation, RON values are as low as 20mΩ for the 30V version.

When not in operation, the current draw (IOFF) is max. 1μA.

They deliver a rated operating temperature of 110°C (max), making it easier to accommodate temperature margins in system designs.

Also, a rated transient/pulse on-state (IONP) current three times larger than the rated steady on-state current, contributing to design safety.

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