Software Tool Speeds Development Of Self-driving Cars

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Self-driving cars are becoming smarter with the adoption of artificial intelligence and powerful GPUs. To enable faster, simpler development of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) applications for autonomous vehicles, Abaco has announced Release 2.0 of its powerful, flexible ImageFlex image processing and visualization toolkit.

Leveraging the enormous power of GPU technology, ImageFlex provides an easy-to-use API framework to considerably speed and simplify the development, optimization, and maintenance of advanced AI applications – especially those targeted at autonomous vehicles.

The company highlighted that ImageFlex greatly simplifies application creation by eliminating the need for the developer to be concerned with the underlying software layers all the while maintaining high performance. This significantly reduces GPU solution development cost and timelines.


“By providing an OpenGL abstraction layer (no OpenGL experience is required) it can reduce the number of lines of code required by a factor of five, radically reducing the effort and time needed in order to create, test and maintain the application. This allows faster time-to-market as well as lower development cost”, according to the firm.

New features for ImageFlex Release 2.0 include:

  • Tools and reference examples enabling AI-based applications to be deployed on Abaco’s NVIDIA-based GPU products.
  • Provision of a reference target tracking example – a core building block for tracking applications.
  • High quality, GPU-optimized image stabilization.

“ImageFlex significantly reduces our customers’ software engineering effort in the development and deployment of applications for EO/IR platforms and autonomy, and is unique in its ability to do so,” said John Muller, Chief Growth Officer at Abaco Systems. “Combined with our powerful, flexible hardware platforms, ImageFlex is evidence not only of our experience and expertise in AI-based graphics, video and visualization applications but also of our commitment to providing our customers with more complete solutions.”

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