Create Invisible Controls For Cars, ATMs & Laptops


Touchless HMIs (human machine interfaces) are the next evolution in HMIs and coming to the fore in many applications such as industrial HMIs, automotive controls, stovetops, laptops, or ATMs. Some benefits of touchless controls include improving driving safety in vehicles and improving hygiene in medical, industrial and domestic environments, such as hospitals, kitchens, and restrooms.

Aiming to make all this possible in consumer, automotive, medical, and industrial designs, an expert in mid-air touchless haptic technology, Ultrahaptics, has created a development kit ‘STRATOS Explore’, based on its patented technology that uses sound waves to revolutionize the HMI and allows innovators to create the next generation of user interfaces and mixed-reality experiences.

The firm’s technology uses ultrasound to provide a unique touch sensation that enables users to ‘feel’ virtual buttons, switches, dials and other objects in mid-air.


The company has already collaborated with Harman and Bosch to create infotainment controls that drivers can operate without taking their eyes off the road. It has also worked with gaming company IGT to create glasses-free 3D visuals you can touch.

STRATOS Explore is available to buy through Ultrahaptics’ worldwide distribution network.

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