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In order to allow service providers, IT and engineering organizations to detect problems faster and dramatically improve customer experience, Nokia has released the updated version of its ‘Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight’ software, with added AI capabilities. Nokia claims that the software allows service providers to take actions six times faster to address service issues, and opens new revenue streams.

The latest software allows service provider business, IT and engineering organizations to consistently deliver a superior real-time and personalized customer experience. 

The software features Nokia’s Customer Experience Index (CEI), which correlates information from more than 300 dimensions — network, devices, customer care, billing and other sources —  to produce a customer-specific score that tracks service performance and subscriber satisfaction.


Nokia CEI now taps advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms co-developed with Nokia Bell Labs to provide improved prediction and automation capabilities to improve the subscriber experience.

As the algorithms optimize themselves over time, this decreases the time required for the initial tuning of the index from months to days, and delivers a far more accurate view of subscriber satisfaction.

As a result, service providers can take actions based on CEI insights and predictions six times faster to address service issues.

The new Nokia Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight software is expected to be available beginning in Q3 2018.

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