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To support the replacement of SDIP6(F type) package products, Toshiba has expanded its line-up of SO6L IC-output photocouplers with a new wide leadform package type SO6L(LF4). Applications of the new devices include high-speed communication photocoupler (such as factory networking, digital interfaces, I/O interface boards and programmable logic controllers) and IGBT / MOSFET driver photocoupler (such as general-purpose inverters, air-conditioner inverters, and photovoltaic power inverters)

The new photocouplers can be directly mounted on PCBs intended for SDIP6(F type) products. the SO6L(LF4) package has a maximum height of 2.3mm, which is approximately 45% thinner than the conventional SDIP6(F type) package, allowing system size reduction and mounting in height-restricted locations, such as the back of a board.

The SO6L(LF4) package has a creepage distance of 8mm, which meets the industry’s standard creepage distance for SO6L.


The SO6L(LF4) package is footprint-compatible with the SDIP6(F type) package with wide lead-forming option and a maximum package height of 4.15mm.

To date, Toshiba has offered eight photocouplers in the SO6L(LF4) package: three for high-speed communication applications and five for IGBT/MOSFET drive applications.

Now the company has added six photocouplers in the SO6L(LF4) package to its product portfolio: three for high-speed communication applications and three for IGBT/MOSFET drive applications.

Toshiba plans to release more IC-output photocouplers as direct replacements for the current SDIP6 (F type) package.

Shipments start today.

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