Tantalum Capacitors Replace Commercial Capacitors In Non-Critical Medical Devices


AVX has released new medical-grade tantalum capacitors designed to replace commercial capacitors in the filtering, hold-up, and charging circuits of non-critical medical devices that require high-reliability and strict change control, including — implantable, non-life-sustaining devices, such as heart monitors, neurostimulators, insulin pumps, and temporary cardiac monitors; external, life-sustaining devices, such as automated external defibrillators and external heart pump controllers; and external non-life-sustaining devices, including patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment.

The T4Z Medical Series HRC4000 capacitors are manufactured in compliance with strict FDA regulations for medical devices to ensure consistent, high-reliability performance.

The capacitors claim to offer the lowest DC leakage values in the market: 0.01CV standard, with custom potential down to 0.005CV — or half that of typical industry limits — enabling longer lifetime performance and improved reliability compared to commercial tantalum capacitors.


They are currently available in eight compact, lightweight case sizes ranging from 2.54mm x 1.27 mm x 1.27mm (L x W x H) ±0.38mm and 0.016g to 7.24mm x 3.81mm x 2.79mm ±0.38mm and 0.335g with solder-plated, solder-fused, gold-plated, or 100% tin terminations.

They offer capacitance values extending from 0.1μF to 330μF, eight standard voltage ratings spanning 4–50V, and rated operating temperatures extending from -55°C to +125°C. Custom DCL and ESR values are available upon request.

T4Z Medical Series capacitors deliver basic reliability better than 0.1% per 1,000 hours with a 90% confidence level, as per AVX.

“Subjecting our T4Z Medical Series HRC4000 medical-grade tantalum capacitors to such rigorous design and manufacturing process controls, statistical screening, and testing procedures allows us to consistently achieve higher-reliability components with significantly lower DC leakage levels than commercial solid tantalum capacitors, and to better satisfy the exacting demands of even non-critical medical applications,” said Lizzie Geismar, product marketing manager for AVX’s high-reliability tantalum division.

T4Z Medical Series capacitors can be shipped in bulk, 7” tape and reel, or waffle packaging. Lead-times extend to a maximum of eight weeks,  providing an ideal alternative to commercial capacitors

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