2.6×3.0x1.5mm DC/DC Modules Transform Power Supply Design


Maxim has unveiled ultra-small (2.6mm x 3.0mm x 1.5mm) integrated DC-DC power modules designed to enable cooler, smaller, and simpler power-supply solutions for the industrial, healthcare, communications, and consumer markets.

The Micro system-level IC (“uSLIC”) modules are said to allow designers to shrink the solution size of the power supply by 2.25x with an ultra-small uSLIC package. This is achieved by integrating a synchronous wide-input Himalaya buck regulator with built-in FETs, compensation, and other functions with an integrated inductor.

The combination of these components helps the designer to use the modules in small space-constrained systems while complying with mechanical and EMI standards, claims Maxim.


The new MAXM17532 and MAXM15462 extend the firm’s extensive portfolio of Himalaya power solutions.

Maxim says these modules simplify designs as designers no longer need to deal with conventional bulky, power-hungry regulators. Instead, they can integrate the ready-made power module into almost the same space of a tiny LDO.

In addition, the products are rugged and comply to CISPR 22 (EN 55022) Class B EMC emission standards, as well as JESD22-B103/B104/B111 drop, shock, and vibration standards

The uSLIC DC-DC buck regulator modules, which operate over a wide input range as low as 4V to as high as 42V, support multiple applications across nominal input voltages of 5V, 12V, 24V, and 36V with reliable headroom for today’s demanding applications.

They operate over the -40-degree Celsius to +125-degree Celsius temperature range.

“These compact uSLIC modules completely transform power supply design for our customers,” said Anil Telikepalli, Executive Director of Business Management at Maxim Integrated. “We built upon our Himalaya regulator family to bring to market another innovation with a ready-made power supply in a micro-sized system level package.”  

MAXM17532 is available for $2.35 (1000-up, FOB USA); MAXM15462 is available for $2.53 (1000-up, FOB USA).

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Both are fully qualified, in production, and available at Maxim’s website as well as select authorized distributors·

MAXM15462EVKIT# and MAXM17532EVKIT# evaluation kits are available for $29.73· EE-Sim simulation models are available.

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