Power Supply Chips For High-Fidelity Audio


ROHM unveils new high-fidelity power supply ICs optimized for audio devices requiring high-resolution playback. Applications include Hi-Fi audio systems, portables, home audio, wireless speakers, and other equipment.

ROHM explained that the BD372xx series audio power supply ICs improve audio quality from power supply lines by combining proprietary analog and sound reproduction technologies.

In recent years, the popularization of high-resolution audio sources has increased the demand for audio components and devices that can provide even more accurate sound reproduction.


Also, the power supplied to audio equipment has a significant effect on sound quality. Providing clean power involves optimizing 3 key characteristics: voltage stability, noise level, and symmetry between positive and negative power supplies.

In response, ROHM has developed a chip for very clean power supply compared with conventional solutions, making it possible to achieve higher audio quality; including improved sound imaging (location and distance of sound source) and resolution (realism and depth).

The BD37201NUX is ideal for low-voltage digital devices such as DACs and DSPs, while the BD37210MUV (positive power supply) and BD37215MUV (negative power supply) are optimized for analog devices (i.e. sound processors, current-voltage conversion amps) that operate using both positive and negative voltage supplies.

Samples are available now and OEM quantities are planned to be available in  June 2018.

More information: http://www.rohm.com/web/global/news-detail?news-title=industrys-first-power-supply-ics-for-high-fidelity-audio&defaultGroupId=false

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