Facial Recognition Explores Smartphones, Vehicles & IoT


Fingerprint Cards is working on a face recognition solution that will initially be developed for smartphones, but as Fingerprints is expanding into new application areas in various industries, it will also be made available for customers in Automotive and IoT.

“Fingerprints offers both touch and touchless modalities, with solutions based on fingerprint and iris recognition. Now, the company is strengthening its touchless offerings by adding face recognition”, the company said.

“As the leading biometrics company, it is natural to continuously innovate and expand into new areas. Our development initiatives include both new applications for our existing technology, such as fingerprint sensors for smart cards, but also solutions based on new biometric modalities. We added iris recognition to our portfolio last year with FPC ActiveIRIS for Android®, and now we are taking the next step by introducing face authentication possibilities.”


“We see a growing interest in the smartphone industry for touchless biometric solutions, as well as for combining different biometric modalities, with the main driver being to increase both security and convenience. The addition of face recognition to our iris and fingerprint solutions makes Fingerprints uniquely well-positioned to meet this demand”, commented Christian Fredrikson, CEO of Fingerprints.

The new face recognition-based solutions are expected to be brought to customer products during the second half of 2018.

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