TFT Panel Chip For Design Of E-Clusters In 2-Wheeler Bikes


Japanese firm ROHM announced its plans to foray into the Indian “e-Cluster for advanced automobiles and Two-wheeler Bikes” market, with its new TFT Panel-Chipset Solutions, that support functional safety in vehicles.

ROHM notes that recently there has been a significant increase in the adoption of LCDs in vehicles for the instrument cluster, navigation, electronic mirrors, and other systems. The growing number of applications has increased the demand for larger, higher resolution displays.

To achieve these needs, it is necessary to increase the number of driver and controller channels. However, this makes system configuration and operation verification more difficult, strengthening the demand for chipset solutions.


In addition, in applications such as electronic mirrors where malfunctions can lead to serious accidents, functional safety is required.

These demands have led the firm to develop TFT panel chipset with functional safety support.

The company plans to launch the functional safety support chipset on Thursday, March 22 at Hotel Hyatt Regency Gurgaon.

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