100G PAM4 EML Lasers For Optical Transceivers


Oclaro announced that its 100G PAM4 EA-DFB (electro-absorption distributed feedback) EML (Electro-absorption Modulated Laser sources) chips for next-gen optical transceivers are available now.

The EML chips operating at 53Gbaud with up to 40GHz bandwidth (@20°C) and 6dB extinction ratio (@70°C) are suitable for use in 4-level pulse amplitude modulation-based (PAM4) transceivers, enabling 100Gbps per wavelength. 

As noted by the company, its EML chips set the stage for the next generation of 200 Gbps and 400 Gbps in data center networks with a combination of high-performance and low power consumption.


Furthermore, Oclaro also announced wafer fab capacity upgrades for DML and EML laser production to increase the availability of its components. Oclaro says it can address the growing need for high-speed, cost-effective optical transceivers with this newly installed production capacity.

Oclaro said that its high-speed 25G DML chips have been produced in high volume. Ideal for 100-Gbps CWDM4 transceivers, these chips can also be used in affordable SFP28 modules and other 25-Gbps products for high-volume applications.

The EMLs deliver the high bandwidth and linearity required for next-generation 200-Gbps and 400-Gbps transceivers using PAM4, without compromising small size and low cost, the company further said.

The laser chips support CWDM4 and LAN-WDM wavelength standards. Uncooled operation and non-hermetic packaging can be used for cost-effective, high-performance modules in many applications, including PAM4 transceivers for higher data rates.

“Oclaro’s proven laser technology has been the benchmark for high-performance and reliability, and is ideally suited to support the PAM4 modulation formats used to deliver higher-speed networks affordably,” said Yves LeMaitre, Oclaro’s chief strategy officer. “With the explosive growth of large-scale data centers, the demand for these lasers has never been greater and by increasing our manufacturing capacity, Oclaro can ensure its customers have the supply they need to be successful.”

The company plans to deliver samples now and higher quantities once customers qualify the chips.

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More information: www.oclaro.com



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