High-efficiency & Horticulture Lighting Products At Light+Building


Everlight is bringing an exciting portfolio of products to Light + Building 2018 — including its 5630X-ELB LED series and horticulture fit LEDs as well as all lighting and lighting-related products, such as luminaires for horticulture and fish lighting.

The 5630X-ELB series combines the advantages of luminous efficacy and stability to provide lighting solutions for commercial, professional and industrial applications.

The LED claims up to 228 lm/W (5000 K) in luminous efficacy and meets the highest luminance requirements of professional commercial and industrial lighting applications, says Everlight.


The LED also complies with DLC4.0 with light-on tests in the high-temperature range (105℃), L90>36,000 hours and achieves/features a color tolerance less than 3SDCM.

Monochromatic light LEDs are widely applied for horticulture lighting, by combining colors to effectively meet the requirements of specific spectra and optical functions.

EVERLIGHT’s special series of products based on monochromatic light wavelength cover PAR 450nm~745nm from high to low power with SHWO 3535-ELB, 3030-ELB and 2835-ELB.

The new 2835 PC Red-ELB (2.8×3.5×0.7mm) with 5% blue intensity (CCT) can achieve a WPE of 35% (0.5W) to simultaneously replace Royal Blue & Deep Red with a luminous efficacy of 15lm.

As per the announcement, the company will also exhibit its new 3535-ELB series (3.5 x 3.5 x 2.03mm) that offers the advantages of high luminous efficacy, price-performance ratio and a WPE of 65%. In all colors, the products are tested to meet LM80 and effectively guarantee to meet the customer’s requirements.

In addition, the company will showcase assembling the 3535-ELB series as a luminaire for horticulture and fish lighting purposes.

The announcement noted that the company is supplying various horticulture LEDs in all forms to meet the demands in different environments, with the goal of maximizing livestock and plant stock growth and achieve targeted energy-saving objectives.

Optimising the Support for Real-Time Linux

More information: www.everlight.com




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