Data Platform Speeds Your Journey To AI


To help organizations accelerate their AI journeys and increase productivity, IBM has launched ‘Cloud Private for Data’, a new data science and machine learning platform for data-driven decision making. Simultaneously, the company has also unveiled Data Science Elite Team to advise clients on machine learning adoption and assist in their AI roadmaps.

Cloud Private for Data consists of integrated data science, data engineering and app building services.It is designed to help companies uncover previously unobtainable insights from their data.

The platform leverages a fast in-memory database that can ingest and analyze massive amounts of data at one million events per second.


The platform also enables users to build and exploit event-driven applications capable of analyzing the torrents of data from things like IoT sensors, online commerce, mobile devices, and more.

“Whether they are aware of it or not, every company is on a journey to AI as the ultimate driver of business transformation,” said Rob Thomas, General Manager, IBM Analytics. “But for them to get there, they need to put in place an information architecture for collecting, managing and analyzing their data. With today’s announcements, we are planning to bring the AI destination closer and give access to powerful machine learning and data science technologies that can turn data into game-changing insight.”

Furthermore, the platform is deployed on Kubernetes, forming a truly integrated environment for data science and application development.

IBM also launched the Data Science Elite Team to advise clients to assist in AI.

Commenting on this, Patricia Maqetuka, Chief Data Officer, Nedbank Ltd, said: “Nedbank has a long tradition of using analytics on internal, structured data. More data is available now than has ever been available before and analytical tooling has undergone rapid evolution in order to keep up. Nedbank has embarked on a journey to start leveraging both internal and external data, creating new data-driven business models and new sources of revenue. Thanks to the first IBM Analytics University Live we were exposed to the guidance and counsel of IBM’s Elite team. This team helped us to unlock new paradigms about how we think about our analytics and change the way we look at use cases to unlock business value.”

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