Tiny KNX Transceiver For Home & Building Automation


ST and Tapko Technologies have co-created a highly integrated chip measuring 4mm x 4mm certified for the popular KNX standard for building automation applications. The companies plan to demonstrate the solutions at Light & Building 2018.

The STKNX functions as a complete KNX transceiver for twisted-pair wired connectivity in Tapko devices, with power circuitry on-chip in a uniquely compact footprint of just 4mm x 4mm. It can be used for connecting devices like smart lights, switches, HVAC controllers, alarms, or smart appliances to KNX twisted-pair networks.

ST claims that the STKNX is the smallest transceiver certified for KNX TP1-256 twisted-pair connections currently on the market.


Aside from space-saving advantage, the STKNX helps customers get new building-automation products to market faster as part of a complete network-node solution that includes the KNX software stack. The stack is ready to run on any host microcontroller from ST’s STM32 family.

ST also offers a quick-start evaluation kit, EVALKITSTKNX, containing everything needed to build a KNX node including a STM32F103RBT6 microcontroller, Arduino-compatible headers for custom function expansion, and a sample LED-dimming application.

Automation innovator Vimar is one of the first companies to adopt the STKNX in new designs, and plans to demonstrate the first product containing the transceiver at the Light & Building show, as per the announcement.

“We are utilizing the STKNX transceiver as an important part of our new generation of products for home and building automation systems,” said Alessandro Ravagnin, Systems Marketing Manager Vimar SpA. “Light & Building 2018 sees the world premiere of our new, future-focused product line, which delivers unprecedented performance over wired fieldbus connectivity. As is the Vimar way, we have combined comfort, security, and energy efficiency — the main pillars of smart home and smart building — with a unique user experience, great aesthetic appeal, and a perfectly coordinated ecosystem.”

Domenico Arrigo, General Manager Industrial and Power Conversion Division, STMicroelectronics, commented, “Our successful cooperation with Tapko has delivered software and hardware for product developers to create highly functional and stylish building-automation products that enhance both the convenience and the appearance of homes and offices.”

The STKNX transceiver is available now in 0.5mm-pitch 24-pin VQFNPN24.

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More information: http://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/about/media-center/press-item.html/p4033.html



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