TVS Diode Arrays Protect CAN BUS Lines From Damage


Littelfuse presents a new series of AEC-Q101-qualified TVS Diode Arrays optimized to protect automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) lines from damage due to electrostatic discharges (ESDs), electrical fast transients (EFTs), and other overvoltage transients. The devices are PPAP capable, and AEC-Q101 qualified to ensure maximum reliability in automotive electronics applications.

Automotive applications for AQ24CANFD Series TVS Diode Arrays include protecting: Drive-by-wire (CAN BUS) lines, engine control modules, anti-lock brakes, air bag and other safety circuits, electronic control units, body control units, ADAS control units and power train control units. They are also suitable for factory automation and lightning control (DALI) applications.

Littelfuse claims that these components can absorb repetitive ESD strikes above the maximum level specified in industry standards without performance degradation and can safely withstand 3A surges at a very low clamping voltage.


Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced ESD (21kV) and surge (3A) protection is said to be well in excess of industry standards to allow for worry-free use in demanding automotive environments.
  • Low dynamic resistance (0.5Ω RDYN) provides for a 10 percent reduction in clamping voltage when compared to similar market solutions
  • Low capacitance (11.5 pF typ.) helps preserve signal integrity and minimize data loss.

The devices are PPAP-capable, which means Littelfuse uses the Production Part Approval Process to confirm that the device’s supplier understands the design specifications and has a process capable of producing product to meet these requirements, during an actual production run, at the quoted production rate.

The products are available in surface-mount SOT23-3 packaging in tape and reel format in quantities of 3,000. Sample requests may be placed through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide.

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