RTC Modules For High-accuracy Timekeeping In Electronics


To provide high-accuracy timekeeping in electronic systems while meeting the need for a small form factor and low current consumption, Seiko Epson Corporation has unveiled two new real-time clock (RTC) modules with built-in digital temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (DTCXO2). The RA8804CE is designed for AEC-Q100-compliant automotive applications, while the RA8804CE is designed for industry systems.

The new RA8804CE and RX8804CE are offered in what the company claims as the smallest-ever RTC package (maximum dimensions: 3.2 × 2.5 × 1.0t mm). The modules consume 0.35 µA of current, which is 50% less than the 0.7 µA consumed by the predecessor RX8900CE. The maximum operating temperature was expanded from 85℃ to 105℃.

Applications include today’s industrial equipment, such as smart grid equipment, click-charge systems, security systems, and countless other systems. Other applications include equipment that is installed in vehicles, outdoors, and other environments where systems are exposed to ambient temperature extremes.


In addition, these modules are equipped with an expanded number of programmable interrupt functions, a time stamp, and 24-bit timer. These new functions lighten the load on the CPU.

The company said it individually adjusts and guarantees the timekeeping accuracy of modules at the factory. This renders checking of timekeeping accuracy unnecessary and helps to increase design efficiency and quality.

More information: https://global.epson.com/newsroom/2018/news_20180305.html

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