IEC Outlets Save Space And Money In Intelligent PDUs


To provide space and cost-savings for intelligent power-distribution units (PDUs) used in data centers and other multi-distributed power applications, SCHURTER has revealed its new appliance outlets complying to IEC 60320-1 requirements. Styles F and J are available with an integrated light pipe. The light pipe indicates operational status, or other function status, as an optional feature to standard connectors. It is designed to channel light from LEDs on the pc board to the front of the connector.

“The new technology offers flexible design options including up to 4 light pipes, enabling increased opportunity to signal status information from the power grid to the user.”, according to the firm.

A typical application consists of power distribution units used in data centers. The new appliance outlets make it easier to extend the systems monitoring capabilities from the centralized display to each outlet. Service technicians are able to clearly see which systems are working properly, or respond to required maintenance adjustments.


A connector could, for example, signal an outage with a red LED, or a critical power consumption pattern with a yellow LED. In this way, both repairs and preventive maintenance can be done more simply and efficiently.

The integration of the light pipe into the appliance outlet brings about multiple advantages:-

Firstly, the number of light pipes available makes it possible to completely individualize circuitry that assigns unambiguous signals to each outlet.

The indicating light is located as close as possible to the outlet, instead of discretely mounted nearby the outlet, thus leading to a reduction in the strip size altogether, or increasing much needed space to add outlets to the strip.

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By integrating the light indication into the outlet, the need for drilling separate holes and other associated logistical and manufacturing steps are reduced or eliminated.

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