Fully Integrated, Eight-channel LED Boost Unveiled!


pSemiTM Corporation, a Murata company, has introduced what it claims to be the first fully integrated light emitting diode (LED) boost power supply in package (PSiP). The component powers up to eight LED strings at a power level of up to 10 watts for ultra-high definition and high definition LCD panels for two-cell and three-cell narrow-voltage DC notebooks, industrial and automotive displays.

The PE23300 is based on an innovative charge-pump, switched-capacitor architecture that offloads most of the power-conversion work from the inductor to capacitors in the charge pump.

The PE23300 features an input voltage range of 4.5V to 15V DC and powers up to eight strings of LEDs at up to 45V and 40 mA per string.


The company could integrate all components required for operation into a 7.7 x 11.7 x 1.6 mm laminate-based LGA package using a ‘die-in-substrate’ 3D-packaging technology.

The two-stage architecture also allowed the use of a tiny chip inductor to reduce the solution size. All of this was achieved at an efficiency that is about 5 to 7 percent higher than the competition, halving the losses in the LED boost, the company said.

Other key benefits of the new component for LED boosts include full short-circuit protection and a very flat efficiency over the entire load range.

The firm added that efficiency is virtually independent of the output voltage, allowing more LEDs per string. With fewer strings, efficiency is optimized, and the display-bezel size can be reduced in width. A low power dissipation said to be half that of competing products, improves portable applications’ extensive battery run times.

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More information: http://www.psemi.com/newsroom/press-releases/20751-psemi-releases-world-s-first-fully-integrated-8-channel-led-boost



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