6A Buck Battery Charger Cuts Charge Time & Power Supply Size By 50%


Texas Instruments (TI) has launched an array of power management chips to allow designers to boost efficiency and shrink power-supply and charger solution sizes for personal electronics and handheld industrial equipment.

Operating at up to 1 MHz, TI’s new chipset combines the UCC28780 active clamp flyback controller and the UCC24612 synchronous rectifier controller to help cut the size of power supplies in AC/DC adapters and USB Power Delivery chargers in half.

To save space in battery chargers for smartphones, tablets and electronic point-of-sale devices that need maximum charging efficiency in a small solution size, the company announced the bq25910 6-A. It is a three-level buck battery charger that enables up to a 60 percent smaller-solution footprint in these battery-powered electronics.


The bq25910 6-A.allows up to 50 percent faster charging compared to conventional architectures leveraging an innovative three-level power-conversion technology.

The bq25910 enables 95 percent charging efficiency, which could take a standard smartphone battery from empty to 70 percent charged in less than 30 minutes, TI asserted.

“Consumers want faster charging in a smaller footprint. These new solutions not only accomplish that, but also enable designers to do more than they could before with less power,” said Steve Lambouses, TI vice president, High Voltage Power.

All of these new devices are available now.

More information: http://newscenter.ti.com/2018-03-01-New-1-MHz-active-clamp-flyback-chipset-and-industry-first-6-A-three-level-buck-battery-charger-from-TI-cut-power-supply-size-and-charge-time-in-half

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