Innovative FPGAs Claim 4x Improvement In Power-performance-area


FPGA startup Efinix has rolled out its Trion programmable platform built using its innovative Quantum programmable technology, that comprises logic, routing, embedded memory and DSP blocks. This FPGA architecture is notable for its substantial Power-Performance-Area advantage of 4X over traditional FPGAs.

Applications of Trion products can be found in general-purpose FPGA markets such as mobile, IoT, general consumer, industrial, and medical. These FPGAs can also be leveraged in applications such as edge computing, which combines compute acceleration, analytics, deep learning inference, and custom logic via edge devices.

The first eight FPGAs in the Trion platform are built on SMIC’s (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) 40nm process.


The products range from 4K to 150K logic elements (LEs) and support standard interfaces such as GPIO, PLLs, oscillators, MIPI, DDR, LVDS, among others.

The Trion platform is fully supported by Efinix’s Efinity Integrated Design Environment (IDE).

Commented Efinix Co-founder, CTO and Sr. VP Engineering Tony Ngai, “Today’s FPGAs are often labeled as power hungry, expensive, and hard to program. Trion FPGAs are on a mission to restore FPGAs original advantages, including ease-of-use, quick time to market for customer systems, low power, and priced right for high-volume production.”

“I am excited to witness a novel idea in FPGA architectural innovation become a full-blown product platform. Most amazingly, Efinix is delivering the company’s first production shipment in only 10 months after obtaining the Physical Design Kit (PDK) from SMIC,” said Rich Sevcik, former executive vice president and board member at Xilinx, an investor in Efinix. “The alliance with China’s SMIC, a top foundry for high-volume production, should be rewarding to Efinix, especially for launching the Trion platform into the Chinese market, which already has the largest consumption of FPGA products.”

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“We are grateful to have pre-paid customers waiting for our initial Trion FPGAs, which is a first in the FPGA industry,” said Sammy Cheung, co-founder, CEO, and president of Efinix. “Due to the competitiveness of our Trion products, our customers are excited to use it as a high-volume production option for their systems. Additionally, with low power and small form factor package offerings, Trion FPGAs attract customers working on new innovations and applications that cannot be supported by traditional FPGAs.”

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