58G PAM4-capable FPGA For Multi-terabit Network Infrastructures


Intel has begun shipping its Stratix 10 TX FPGAs that integrate 58G PAM4 technology, allowing them to double the transceiver bandwidth performance when compared to traditional solutions. This exceptional bandwidth performance makes the FPGAs an essential connectivity solution for next-generation use cases: optical transport networks, network function virtualization (NFV), enterprise networking, cloud service providers and 5G networks applications where high bandwidth is paramount.

Intel is shipping all Intel Stratix 10 FPGA family variants: Intel Stratix 10 GX FPGAs (with 28G transceivers), Intel Stratix 10 SX FPGAs (with embedded quad-core ARM processor), Intel Stratix 10 MX FPGAs (with HBM memory) and the Stratix 10 TX FPGAs (with 58G transceivers).

Intel explained the new FPGAs provide up to 144 transceiver lanes with serial data rates of 1 to 58 Gbps. This combination delivers a higher aggregate bandwidth than any current FPGA, enabling architects to scale to 100G, 200G and 400G delivery speeds.


By supporting dual-mode modulation, 58G PAM4 and 30G NRZ, new infrastructure can reach 58G data rates while staying backward-compatible with existing network infrastructure.

A wide range of hardened intellectual property (IP) cores, including 100GE MAC and FEC, deliver optimized performance, latency and power, according to Intel.

“In this smart and connected world, billions of devices are creating massive amounts of data that need faster, flexible and scalable connectivity solutions,” said Reynette Au, vice president of marketing, Intel Programmable Solutions Group. “With Stratix 10 TX FPGAs, Intel continues to provide architects with higher transceiver bandwidth and hardened IP to address the insatiable demand for faster and higher-density connectivity.”

Stratix 10 FPGAs For Data Centres And Networking

The Intel Stratix 10 FPGAs utilize Intel’s 14 nm FinFET manufacturing process and incorporate state-of-the-art packaging technology, including EMIB.

More information: https://newsroom.intel.com/news/intel-ships-industrys-first-58g-pam4-capable-fpga-built-multi-terabit-network-infrastructure-nfv/



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