Hardware Security Paves A New Way In The Network Industry


In pursuit of the latest attacks on network equipment, Juniper is using Infineon’s hardware-based security solutions to further defend its routers, firewalls and other products against these attacks.

Juniper is using Infineon’s OPTIGA Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

“Routers and other network equipment face increasingly sophisticated threats. Successful attackers can gain access to critical systems, modify network configurations and access customer data”, Infineon notes.

“By further fortifying its products with hardware-based security solutions, Juniper sets a new benchmark in the networking industry to help customers secure their networks, providing optimized protection against physical and logical attacks. Juniper’s customers can now protect their network routers and security gateways throughout their branches”, Juniper explained.


“Using an onboard OPTIGA TPM, the Juniper SRX300 series of routers now securely stores a hash of the authorized configuration and compares it to a new configuration hash created when the device reboots. Thus, the OPTIGA TPM protects the router from rebooting with a manipulated configuration”, according to the announcement.

Further information is available at www.infineon.com/IoT-Security

Read the Press release.


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