Smartphone Module Brings Confidence To Color-Conscious Online Shoppers


Bringing accurate color matching directly to smartphones in order to improve retail and e-commerce applications, ams, X-Rite and PANTONE have announced the joint development of a mobile color sensing solution. The miniaturized module, containing an ams spectral sensor and optical components, would change how consumers search, match and purchase goods such as apparel, home décor or cosmetics using mobile devices, according to the companies.

The solution makes it easier for cosmetics, home & fashion, and retail paint companies to integrate color matching technology into their existing mobile shopping or augmented reality applications. This allows consumers to search, match and purchase goods with a higher degree of color confidence.

The miniaturized module is said to be the first color measurement solution to allow Pantone Color Standards to be embedded in a mobile device.


According to X-Rite’s research, “consumers lack confidence in purchasing color-critical items online. They expect to simply take a photo of the favored color with a smartphone and match it to a desired item. However, the wide variety of tones and colors available in home décor, apparel, and cosmetics are difficult to accurately reproduce on mobile device displays. Cameras are not precise enough to accurately compare the color between an online product offering and how it will appear in the consumer’s intended physical environment. This makes online color-critical purchase decisions unreliable and limits consumer confidence.”

The joint ams and X-Rite solution is claimed the world’s first spectral color measurement solution utilising Pantone Color Standards to be embedded in a mobile device. The solution will connect to Pantone’s world-leading color reference systems using cloud technology. Consumers, brands and retailers will now be able to identify and share product colors, making it easier to search product catalogs and select color-critical items with confidence.

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