Force-sensing Ushers Truly Bezel-Free Phones


Peratech brings a new dimension to handset designs with its innovative force sensing technology that enables a home button based on force sensing to be fully integrated below the glass screen of the phone, without the need for a bezel of any kind. This provides the perfect solution for including a home button that offers users an important positive force action, but without taking up any of the phone’s displayable area.

“Many consumers still like to have a home button on the front of the phone, putting pressure on designers to integrate some form of an electro-mechanical solution,” said Jon Stark, Peratech’s CEO. “But we can show that by moving to a force-sensing solution, the home button can remain on the front of the phone without taking up any additional space. It could allow the bezel to be removed entirely, without compromising the user experience.”

Capacitive sensing alone is unable to deliver that realistic home button experience and is also prone to false triggering.


The company notes that combining capacitive and force sensing eliminates false triggering and also supports new design paradigms such as the fingerprint sensor becoming the power button. The firm’s QTC technology is said to enable this entirely new approach to handset design, giving the best possible user experience.

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