Modules Eliminate USB Connectors With 12 Gbps Wireless Tech


Lattice has extended the range of its wireless connectors to support broader adoption of 60 GHz wireless technology in consumer and embedded applications. The company has also rolled out modules incorporating these connectors, enabling manufacturers to easily integrate short-range, high-speed 60 GHz wireless links into their products. These wireless connectors are designed to replace physical connectors on a wide variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, 2-in-1 laptops, action cameras, wireless docks, and point-of-sales (POS) kiosks.

The ‘Snap wireless connectors’ help device manufacturers to design consumer devices that are thinner and more robust by being better protected from damage caused by water, mud, and dust.

The new ‘Snap modules’, utilizing SiBEAM 60 GHz technology, are compliant with regulatory requirements in several jurisdictions. They have also been included in the company’s ‘Snap evaluation kit’ for fast prototyping.

“We were seeking a wireless solution that was robust, easy to integrate and wouldn’t require a lot of design support,” said Ehren Achee, CTO at SecuraShot. “Lattice’s Snap modules met all of our expectations, allowing us to develop a more rugged product that can seamlessly support the transfer of data wirelessly without delay.”


The Snap modules offer 12 Gbps full-duplex bandwidth at sub-frame latencies, making this technology ideal for the replacement of physical connectors, such as USB. By eliminating the connector, the industrial designs of new products can be optimized by making them thinner, lighter, and environment-proof, all while maintaining a robust and high-speed connection, according to the company.

“SiBEAM Snap wireless connector technology offers a unique advantage in data transfer for a variety of high volume mobile applications, such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks. The new Snap modules not only accelerate time to market, but will enable 60 GHz technology to be easily integrated into broader consumer and industrial products”, said Abdullah Raouf, senior manager at Lattice.

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