IAR Systems & Data I/O Work To Speed MCU Production


Focusing on improving the quality of embedded designs, IAR Systems and Data I/O have collaborated to offer an integrated workflow for MCU firmware from initial development to manufacturing.

Although both companies target different areas of the design cycle – IAR specializes in development tools and DATA I/O in data programming and secure provisioning – the two companies share many customers throughout the industry in automotive, IoT, medical, consumer electronics, industrial controls, etc.

The announcement said that they serve separate stages of their customers’ respective design and manufacturing processes. However, the growing complexity of embedded designs has driven those two areas further apart. So, the two companies are working together to fill the gap.


“The design to manufacturing transition has been a problem for many companies for a long time,” said Stefan Skarin, CEO of IAR Systems. “Solving this problem requires a long-term roadmap based on customer requirements. IAR Systems and Data I/O have both been serving the embedded market for many years, are financially stable public companies and are committed to long term R&D, paving the way for a strong partnership enabling joint customers to taking full control of their products.”

“Manufacturing professionals often receive a collection of images, configuration files and documents and are then asked to deliver a perfect first article at the designated manufacturing facility,” said Anthony Ambrose, CEO of Data I/O. “On top of this, they are often required to add serial numbers and other design specific information. Many times this causes the first article process to take far longer and consume far more resources than it should. By bridging the gap from development to manufacturing, we provide joint customers with completely new possibilities to reduce time to market and ensure high quality.”

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