300nm Deep UV LED Chip For Curing & Skin Therapy


Dowa Electronic Materials claims to have developed a deep ultraviolet LED chip measuring only 1x1mm, featuring a peak wavelength of 310nm and up to 90mW of optical power. The deep UV LED chip targets material curing and skin therapy applications.

The UV LED can replace conventional mercury and excimer lamps while offering a longer lifetime and improved energy efficiency.

According to the company, the LED improves luminous efficiency and an output power of 90mW is 20% higher than current products. Also, this output power is claimed the highest for the 310nm wavelength.

Mass-production for this new 310nm deep UV LED is intended to start in April 2018.

More information: http://www.dowa-electronics.co.jp/en/index.html

UV LEDs Aim Emerging Curing Applications


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