Innovative Solar Energy Harvestor Even Operates With Indoor Lighting



Saelig Company’s new solar energy harvester chip is a unique photovoltaic (PV) cell which can produce output voltage levels of 0.75V, 1.5V, 2.25V, 3.0V, 4.5V, and 9V, which existing solar cells cannot do. The maximum power which can be obtained in full daylight is around 10mW, or 55uW in office lighting. The Saturn802 IC allows designers to build low-powered products that can recharge themselves. Eliminating the need for a battery in low power products removes maintenance and environmental waste issues. Thus, the chip boosts product designs in hard-to-reach locations where battery use and routine replacement is inconvenient or prohibitively expensive.

Applications suited to the Saturn802 include wireless sensor networks, drip-irrigation systems, wearable electronics, smart city solutions like parking or security and utility meters, data loggers, shelf labeling, GPS emergency locators, animal tracking devices, GPS asset/container tracking, autonomous environmental and pollution measurement devices, and RFID devices.


The size of the die is approximately 1cm by 1cm, and the stable voltage levels are available from separate pins of the device. The IC can be used with or without a back-up battery.

A small window in the product design or a transparent cover allows light to reach the surface-mounted Saturn802 chip, to eliminate the need for a battery in low power products.

The chips claim to operate continuously for more than ten years with no maintenance requirements.

The Saturn802 solar cells are available on an evaluation board, the Eval-802, allowing users to develop their own power regulation circuitry for handling differing light and load conditions. The  SCP-2801 board provides all necessary circuitry to provide constant 24/7 output.

Finding Bugs & Programming Becomes Faster And Low-cost



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