New Compiler Option In e² Studio IDE Speeds IoT Designs


Helping engineers to get through their IoT designs faster, Renesas has enhanced the e² studio integrated development environment (IDE) for its Synergy Platform. The company said that Synergy developers now have an option to use the IAR C/C++ Compiler directly from within e² studio, to build their applications. This will help reduce application code footprint and increase execution speed.

Applications include networked IoT devices using Synergy MCUs to monitor and/or control the surrounding environment and system components. For example, home/building/industrial automation systems, home appliances, energy management systems, and healthcare and medical equipment.

“The IAR C/C++ Compiler uses optimization technology to significantly reduce the application code. Faster code execution speed enables an MCU to spend more time in low power modes to conserve battery life”, Renesas noted.


Previously, e² studio users would build their applications using the standard GCC GNU compiler. Developers can now use the IAR C/C++ Compiler directly from within e² studio, while keeping the existing option to use the proprietary IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas Synergy IDE.

System developers can access instructions for integrating the compiler into the e² studio by downloading the latest version of the e² studio tool.

“Synergy Platform customers can choose from two professional software development tools – e² studio or IAR Embedded Workbench – with no license or maintenance fees and no limitation on the number of user seats,” said Mark Rootz, Marketing Director, Synergy Platform Business Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation.

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