Build A ‘Maze Solver Robot’ With A Low-cost Robotics Kit


TI has unveiled a low-cost robotics kit and classroom curriculum, which provide students with a deeper understanding of how electronic system designs work. The kit (TI-RSLK) is designed to help students to write and develop their own code and then build their own fully functioning robotics system that can complete line-following challenges, compete against other TI-RSLK robotic systems and solve its way through a maze.

New university robotics kit and curriculum from Texas Instruments equip future engineers with a foundation in systems-level design.

The Robotics System Learning Kit (TI-RSLK) is developed in collaboration with Dr. Jon Valvano, professor, electrical and computer engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.


TI said this comprehensive courseware addresses the fundamentals of embedded systems and progresses to more advanced applications learning.

The first in its series is the Maze Edition that comes with 20 learning modules covering basic to advanced topics. It has more than 60 electronic and mechanical components, including the SimpleLink MSP432P401R microcontroller (MCU) LaunchPad Development Kit, which offers engineers flexible hardware, software and tool options for Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics applications, according to TI.

“Whether taught as an introduction in the freshman year or as an advanced design lab later on, the TI-RSLK is an effective means for students to get a hands-on learning experience of engineering concepts that span electrical, mechanical and computer science systems,” says Jon Valvano, Ph.D., an electrical and computer engineering professor at The University of Texas at Austin, who developed the TI-RSLK with TI.

Also included in each learning module is complete lecture videos and slides, lab documentation and demonstration videos, quizzes and classroom activities.

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The TI-RSLK Maze Edition comes in three options for purchase:

  • The TI-RSLK Basic kit teaches the foundations of an electronic system and can be purchased for US$99.
  • The TI-RSLK Advanced kit also adds wireless communication concepts and can be purchased for $199.
  • The TI-RSLK Upgrade kit can be added to the basic kit to create the advanced kit for $109.

The TI-RSLK kits can be purchased from Element 14 at

Further information about the TI-RSLK can found at

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