Automotive Hall effect Sensor ICs Meet Functional Safety Level ASIL A


Allegro has rolled out a new family of 2D Hall-effect speed and direction sensor chips designed for automotive and other safety systems. The 2D architecture of these chips simplifies motor and magnetic encoder designs by providing two output options and three sensing axes options in a very small footprint.

The chips are developed in accordance with ISO 26262 and qualified per AEC-Q100, making them suitable for automotive and other safety systems.

The APS12625 and APS12626 provide unprecedented flexibility in end-system magnetic design. The two output options include a Speed and Direction output (APS12625) and a quadrature Channel A and Channel B output (APS12626).


These chips include three Hall plates (one planar, two vertical), a multiplexer, a small-signal amplifier, chopper stabilization, a Schmitt trigger, and two NMOS output transistors. They operate from 2.8 to 5.5 V and up to 175°C junction temperature.

A benefit of these tiny SOT23-5 devices is they replace a pair of conventional Hall-effect latch ICs, meaning that redundant sensing for safety applications can be accomplished in virtually the same space as non-redundant implementations using legacy technology, according to the firm.

“Allegro’s vertical Hall technology enables sensor ICs that are uniquely suited to magnetic motor/encoder applications,” explained Jim Judkins, Product Line Director for Digital Position Sensor ICs at Allegro MicroSystems. Jim continued to explain that, “Designers can achieve lower BOM cost and power in less board area while meeting their safety goals and spending less time iterating designs to support changes in magnet pitch or system form-factor.”

Pricing in quantities of 3,000 is shown below:

APS12625LLHA – $0.39
APS12626LLHA – $0.39
APS12625LLHA with power-on hysteresis override (“-P” option) – $0.41
APS12626LLHA with power-on hysteresis override (“-P” option) – $0.41

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