ST Launches Curriculum For Real-time IoT-enabled Embedded Systems


STMicroelectronics has introduced a new curriculum for the emerging area of IoT aimed at students, makers, budding engineers and computer scientists. The “Introduction to Embedded Systems with SensorTile” course offers hands-on development of real-time IoT-enabled embedded systems using the SensorTile, the company’s postage-stamp-sized IoT module.

The curriculum is now available online in the form of eight tutorials that range from setting up your Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to signal processing, firmware programming, and extracting data through Bluetooth Low Energy (LE).

Measuring 13.5mm x 13.5mm, SensorTile is a real-time IoT-enabled embedded system built around a low-power STM32 Arm-Cortex-M-core microcontroller, 5 valuable MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensors—an inertial sensor containing an accelerometer and gyroscope, an eCompass, a pressure sensor, and a microphone—and a Bluetooth network processor. A kit with the module, cables, cradles, and a battery is available from major resellers for about $80.


The curriculum is developed and taught by Professor William Kaiser at UCLA for his intro engineering course. The online course resources provide a foundation to understand the fundamentals of a sensor-based Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled embedded system. Professors at other universities are also encouraged to adapt and contribute to the course.

“The joint effort with ST to make the 8 tutorials freely available online, with a full complement of documentation, open-source algorithms and development solutions, and unfettered access to a growing user forum is a terrific way to ensure the sustainability of a community that we hope will expand to include community colleges, other universities, and even high-school programs and self-starters,” said Professor William Kaiser, current director of Actuated Sensing & Coordinated

“In fact, while we’ve made the tutorials simple, yet powerful, we know new comers will find an obstacle somewhere and we’re counting on the passion of users in the community to help them overcome those inevitable roadblocks.”

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