Unique Sensor Paves Way To Industry 4.0


Constructed from glass and made to order to meet customers’ individual requirements, each ABB-tacteo KNX sensor is unique in design and function. This building control sensor is an individually-configurable control element for intelligent building management of luxury hotels, public buildings and high-class residential buildings.

The new sensor marks a further step in Industry 4.0 – the combination of automation and data exchange.

The sensor allows customers to choose which icon and labels they require via an online configurator.


The capacitive glass KNX sensors react without touch and contact and allow everything to be controlled ranging from functions such as heating, blinds, lighting or comfort scenes, to create flexible everyday environments.

The glass and housing are available in white or black. “At 9.5 mm, the frameless and extra-flat sensor barely touches the surface of the wall, blending seamlessly into any design. A special removal protection feature protects the sensor from theft”, boasted the firm.

An interesting application of the sensor is a secure access control for the hospitality industry. The sensor can perform a wide range of hotel management tasks (such as load activation, makeup room/do not disturb settings and room number signaling). It can be integrated in the overall KNX installation that can be fully controlled and monitored from a central point, such as the reception desk.

Mike Mustapha, Group Senior Vice President Marketing, Sales and Commercial Operations, Electrification Products division, said: “KNX is a system that is extremely flexible and able to control many different functions. By using simple symbols and texts to indicate corresponding sensors and functions, this product is one of the most user-friendly on the market. Its flat design will also make it popular with architects and interior designers.”

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“Digitalization is coming to our factories”, he explained. “For many years we have produced intelligent products that were made to stock. Now we are producing intelligent products that are made to order and each and every one of them is absolutely unique.”

More details: http://www.abb.com/cawp/seitp202/c56a49a663c3e420c125822c00432e4b.aspx



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