Reflowable Thermal Switch Protects Power Semiconductors From Thermal Runaway


SCHURTER’s new reflowable thermal switch (RTS) is designed for protecting power semiconductors such as MOSFETs, ICs, IGBTs, TRIACs, SCRs against overheating. These devices have an inherent self-reinforcing heat-producing behavior, that can lead to overheating. The new, compact RTS protects them by reliably interrupting the circuit precisely at a pre-defined temperature.

The RTS can be mounted using conventional reflow soldering techniques with temperature profiles up to 260 °C and these units are set to trip at 210°C.

Operating currents up to 100 A can be sustained at rated voltages of up to 60 VDC in a remarkably compact package measuring 6.6 x 8.8 mm in size. Customer-specific versions are available.

Added features include integrated shunt or overcurrent protection, resulting in less space on the PCB.

Furthermore, the RTS meets the high-reliability requirements of AEC-Q200 and MIL-STD.

Pricing for the RTS starts at $ 1.55 each in 100 piece quantities. Packaging is 100 pieces or 750 pieces in blister tape and 33 cm reel.

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