Fujitsu Expands PCB Offering


Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU) said it is expanding its PCB offering and entering into cooperation with additional manufacturers Suntak and Hitek. FEEU is now able to offer a complete range of PCB products, from the usual rigid boards, rigid-flex to full-flex and even IMS aluminium.

The FEEU network includes PCB production facilities certified for the manufacture of components for the automotive, avionics and healthcare industries.

With this expansion of its global vendor network, FEEU is now able to access a total production capacity of 380,000 square meters per month.


“The range of PCB products being offered is also growing, with FEEU continuing to pay highest attention on quality and environmental protection”, the company noted.

In order to enable customers to realize extremely high speeds or high-current applications, FEEU also offers a wide range of materials. The portfolio includes all well-known material brands, including Rogers, Isola, Panasonic, ITEQ, Ventec, Hitachi and Shengyi.

Being an ISO 14001-certified company, FEEU takes care of the environment by reducing waste materials for PCB packaging, the company says.

“As a value-added distribution partner, we are not only a supplier, but offer comprehensive technical support as well, making full use of our experience and market expertise. We also offer simulation and design services. With them, we help our customers to develop new products and improve existing ones”, explains Axel Tripkewitz, President & Managing Director at FEEU. “We are committed to providing a global gateway to all the products and services needed for innovation projects. The expansion of our PCB range is a decisive step in this direction.”

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