New Signage LEDs Fit Indoor & Outdoor Applications


Everlight brought in Integrated Systems Europe its diversified range of signage LED components, suitable for both Indoor & outdoor applications. The products included all dimensions, packages, viewing angles, and performances.

The HNB2727, HNB1921, HNB1515 series for outdoor applications as well as 18-035(0505) for indoor signage claim true color in high resolution and have passed multiple reliability certificates.

For outdoor signage applications, the company provides PLCC and Lamp packaged products. The PLCC-packaged series HNB2727, HNB1921 and HNB1515, as well as a RGB full-color LED series in PLCC, use an enhanced structure and ink brush/dark support to effectively promote the screen consistency and contrast.

The HNB2727 series is especially suitable for signage applications with a pitch of P5-P8mm. The HNB1921 and HNB1515 series are suitable for outdoor applications with a pitch of P2-P5mm. LEDs for outdoor signage are also available in Lamp packages and they feature narrow viewing angles and different sizes.


All outdoor LED series have passed a 3000 hours reliability test and proved luminous decay less than 10%. They are certificated with IPX8, provide UV and sulfur resistance, and wide viewing angles to present display effects with maximum resolution.

The 18-035 (0505) and 18-036 (0606) series are RGB LED packages with the latest minimal size. EVERLIGHT claims to be the first enterprise in the industry to have passed an 8000 hour reliability test for these LEDs.

For special signage, the company has developed pixel sharing (virtual pixel) and see-through screen applications. The 19-049 RGGB model is designed with pixel sharing.

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