Filters Protect Your Appliances In A Thunderstorm


SCHURTER has added optionally available overvoltage protection (varistors) to its single-stage filter series FMAB NEO. They ate designed especially for regions with many thunderstorms.

The series is suitable for applications with high symmetric interferences – such as devices with semiconductors that control large outputs (e.g. professional coffee machines, devices with hot water supply, industrial electronics). The compact filters are also ideally suited for medical and household appliances.

The new varistor variants for surge protection are added to address overvoltage pulses (e. g. lightning) that, the company notes, often have a devastating effect on electronic circuits. This can range from malfunctions to complete destruction.

These variants are available on request. They have ENEC approvals for the entire current range as well as UL/CSA approvals from 1 A to 20 A.

The FMAB NEO filter family offers maximum flexibility with three different filter designs (N, P and Q):

  • Design N has two large X-capacitors for particularly high symmetrical attenuation in the lower frequency range
  • Design P has two standard X-capacitors for high symmetrical attenuation
  • Design Q with a single X-capacitor provides good symmetrical attenuation.

The entire filter family has an extended temperature range from -40 °C to +100 °C.

The single-stage filter series has steel housings with a closed bottom. This effectively shields the filter, no matter how it is installed.

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