AFE Accompanies Force Sensors For Accurate Sensing In Always-On Applications


MEMS-based force sensing solutions firm NextInput solutions has revealed a new high-performance analog front end (AFE) which when combined with any of it’s force sensor, offers a complete solution for the accurate detection of force through any material, thickness or flexibility. The solution has been designed for Always-On applications requiring ultra-low power in the single digit µA range.

The NextInput AF-3000 Series AFE works with all NextInput sensors to provide a standard digital interface and further enhance the sensors’ measurement range.

Commented Ali Foughi, NextInput CEO and Founder. “We identified the need for a complete force sensing solution and acted on it. In the past several months, we have quadrupled our product offering and solved fundamental challenges around force adoption. First we simplified the mechanical integration, and now NextInput is the only provider of a complete, turn-key ultra-low power system solution. These efforts will accelerate our customers’ ability to adopt force sensing and deploy new features.”

The NextInput Ultra-Low Power AF-3000 Series is currently sampling to lead customers.

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Single-Chip AFE Connects Eight Analog Sensors To MCU Or FPGA


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